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Auxiliary Equipment


China packaging machine auxiliary equipment wholesale factories usually have large-scale production capacity of packaging machine auxiliary equipment, which can meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers. These packaging machine auxiliary equipment factories have advanced production equipment and technology, which can efficiently produce feeders of various packaging machine auxiliary equipment types and specifications.

Wp-c check weigher

The WP-C check weigher is an innovative product that combines a check weigher and metal detector in one. With automatic parameter adjustment and easy operation, it is designed to check whether the single bag weight is conformed to the preset weight or not and automatically remove the unqualified products by a rejection device. It is the perfect solution for efficient and accurate weight control.

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Wp-GC check weigher and metal detector 2 in 1 machine

The WP-GC check weigher and metal detector 2 in 1 machine is an ideal solution for businesses looking to improve the safety and quality of their products while saving production space. Its combined metal detector and check weigher, weight and metal contaminant detection capabilities, improved production safety, high performance and reliability, space-saving design, and easy integration make it a reliable choice for businesses that want to ensure their products meet quality and safety standards.

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Wp-g series matal detector

The WP-G Series Metal Detector is a reliable and efficient tool for detecting both magnetic and nonmagnetic metals. It features a colorful touch screen for ease of use and is widely used in the food industry. With its advanced detection technology, this metal detector can quickly and accurately identify metal contaminants. Its robust construction ensures long-term durability and dependable performance. Get the WP-G Series Metal Detector today and make sure your product is safe and free of metal contamination.

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WP-T series z shape elevator

The WP-T series z shape elevators are a reliable and efficient solution for businesses that require vertical transport of products with minimal floor space. Their vertical lifting design, easy-to-clean hopper, large conveying capacity, ability to feed multiple packaging machines, durable construction, and high-performance capabilities make them an excellent investment for businesses looking to streamline their production processes and increase efficiency.

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Wp-F screw elevator

Screw conveyors are highly versatile and can efficiently transport a wide range of bulk materials, including cement, coal, carbon black, flour, soda ash, grain, and pulp, among others. With a stainless steel material box and auger, these conveyors are durable and can lift various powder materials. Their continuous movement allows for horizontal, inclined, or vertical transportation, making them ideal for concrete mixing plants, bulk material storage, and transportation. In any setting, screw conveyors can fully leverage their advantages to streamline material handling processes.

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WP-T4 inclined elevator

The WP-T4 inclined elevator offers a range of useful features including a large volume capacity, good liquidity, and a sturdy frame structure. Its easy maintenance and part replacement make it a practical choice for businesses looking to save time and money, while its wide temperature range allows it to be used in different environments.

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WP-D series finished products conveyor

The WP-D series finished products conveyor is a perfect product for delivering and conveying finished products. It is easy to clean and maintain, providing a reliable and efficient solution for your business. It is designed to be durable and can handle a variety of products. It is also suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. With its robust construction and reliable performance, this conveyor is sure to be a great addition to your production line.

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WP-PT working platform

WP-PT Working Platform is the perfect solution for safely supporting packaging machines and related equipment. Featuring a safety guardrail and stairs, this platform is designed to bear combination scales with ease. It is robust and reliable, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications. With Wp-pt Working Platform, you can trust that your equipment is in safe hands.

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WP-R rotary collecting table

This machine can be matched with other conveying equipment to complete the transitional process of material sorting and sorting. Generally, it collects bagged food from the packaging machine and waits for further packaging operations. It is usually connected to the packaging machine by the finished product conveyor. The machine is made of stainless steel, safe and hygienic. The disc feeder can adjust the speed at any time according to the working speed.

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Automatic weighing and filling line

This Automatic Weighing and Filling Line is the perfect solution for high-speed, accurate and efficient production. It features advanced automation technology, precise weighing and filling, and efficient production line management. It is designed for easy operation and maintenance, and can be used for a wide range of products including food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. Its advanced weighing and filling technology ensures accuracy and reliability, making it the ideal choice for automated production.

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Semi-auto weighing machine

Our Semi-auto weighing machine is the perfect choice for businesses looking for a cost-effective way to weigh items with high accuracy. The Semi-auto weighing machine can automatically complete the feeding, measuring, and filling process. It features a semi-automatic weighing system that ensures efficiency and accuracy while reducing labor costs. The machine is equipped with advanced technology to ensure accuracy and reliability. With its user-friendly design, it is easy to operate and maintain, making it a great choice for any business.

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WP-CF automatic cover folding and sealing machine

Our WP-CF automatic cover folding and sealing machine provides efficient and reliable performance, thanks to its international advanced technologies and adjustable width and height. The automatic folding and sealing feature ensures quick and professional-looking results, while the blade protection device ensures user safety during operation. Its versatile operation makes it ideal for a wide range of businesses, from small start-ups to large manufacturers.

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